Glenn Thomas, writer, director

With much of my training in art and photography, I bring a strong visual sense to my directing and writing skills.  I can describe myself as a “highly skilled daydreamer” since a young age when my first grade teacher wrote on my report card to my parents that “Glenn is on Cloud Nine.”  With that ringing endorsement from my first admirer, I have gone on to many accomplishments in photography, graphic design, writing and filmmaking in the role of director/writer.  While attending the Los Angeles Film School from 2004 to ’05, I made many short films, culminating in my thesis "The Immigrants," a science fiction thriller shot on 35mm Panavision.  Other films made at LAFS were an adaptation of a scene from Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Yoshika," a scene from my feature length script "Nagasaki."

Since moving on from film school, I have had the honor of adapting into film a portion of Joseph Dougherty's work from Handwritten Theatre.  Two plays have been adapted, "I defended you" and "What's your opinion of memory?" with a third in the works.  Mr. Dougherty is the award winning executive producer of "Pretty Little Liars" among many of his accomplishments.  Please visit his website at:  http://www.jarndyce-jarndyce.com/

I have expanded my writing endeavors with the release of my book of Science Fiction short stories "The Spiderboys of Aranae" in 2015.  Learn more what the Spiderboys are all about and find out how to get your copy at the Spiderboys' Amazon page.  Give the Spiderboys a like at our Spiderboys Facebook page too!